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Build your future ready organization with digital twins.


We are quantum simulations*,
the digital twins simulations creator.


A digital twin is a virtual model created to precisely represent a physical object. It uses real-time data and machine learning to create a variety of scenarios that inform decision making. As a result, the simulations run on the digital twin can build predictions on favorable outcomes, and can be applied to the real-life object.


Quantum Simulations develops Digital Twins of Organizations (DTOs). By taking data from every resource that falls within the context of an organization (both internally and externally), we can utilize every aspect of the organization and simulate changes to the virtual environment and assess the impact of these changes in the real world.

Digital twins simulations enable you to make optimal business decisions by using machine learning and data science. You will visualize your organization like never before.

Quantum Simulations was founded by Dr. Thierry Warin, Professor of Data Science for Global Transformations at HEC Montreal and Principal Investigator of the Open Data Lab at CIRANO (Canada).


We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and mitigate risks for organizations. We produce
1) Digital Twins for Strategy
2) QS DT Academy - Digital Twins for Tactics
3) Digital Twins for ESG.



Digital Twins for Strategy

From Real-World Problems to Digital Solutions.


QS DT Academy

We use augmented intelligence for tactics, to empower your teams.


Digital Twins for ESG

Simulate your ESG compliance according to ISSB standards.

Use Cases


Digital Twins: Manufacturing 4.0

Manufacturing a solution for manufacturers.


Digital Twins: AgroIntel

Enhance a sector of tradition with the tools of AI


Sports Analytics: P3

Turn sports performance into a science


Software Engineer

Justin Lachapelle

A Software Engineer Candidate at Polytechnique Montreal, Justin is in charge of our simulations' functionalities as well as our user interface.

Justin has been developing small video games for several years, so he is very useful for developing the simulations that quantum simulations* produces.

Marketing and Business Development

Léa Lotey-Goodman

Master’s in International Business Candidate at HEC Montréal, Léa is responsible for marketing and business development at Quantum Simulations. She has an honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University.

Léa has worked in marketing and communications for ad agencies and for Artuner, an online art platform based in London. Her passion lies at the convergence of business and creativity.

Product Owner - Data Scientist

Thibault Senegas

Thibault is Product Owner at Quantum Simulations. He is in charge of the simulations lifecycle, from design through development to commercialization.

Thibault is an experienced data scientist who uses his skills to deploy simulations for education and professional training.

System Architect

Hugo Warin

Software Engineer Candidate at Polytechnique Montreal, Hugo is in charge of making every server runs smoothly.

Hugo is avid programmer and has coded a couple of bots to help him in his task, and save some time to play some of our simulations!



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