QS DT Academy

QS DT Academy (Digital Twins for Tactics) allow us to use augmented intelligence to empower your teams. This unique, experiential learning experiences is designed for your teams to help contribute to to future-proofing your organization. This Quantum Simulations product provides cutting-edge, customized corporate training to teams by tackling challenges in risk management, leadership, strategy, innovation, supply chain, operations and more.

Once we have created a digital twin of your organization, our “QS DT Academy” trains your teams on your digital twin. This product is the ideal way to allow your teams to:

1. Take ownership of the scenarios
2. Generate scenarios though Design Thinking 4.0
3. Your future talents are hired and trained on a synthetic digital twin

It is already possible to discover our virtual simulation that immerses you in the real world

Forthcoming: Quantum Simulations is creating a virtual economy in the metaverse! We are excited to announce our upcoming projects using blockchain technology. Stay tuned.


Digital Twins for Tactics


Current and future employees


Ownership of scenarios, better understanding of organization, opportunities for growth and optimization within teams


Quantum Simulations